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Seychelles cruises and yacht charterIn a nutshell, the Seychelles islands are different, faithfully echoing their epithet: another world. Among other island destinations offering processed products and experiences, the Seychelles islands cling jealously to their primordial roots, recalling that time when dinosaurs still breathed, tectonic plates fractured and ancient continents first began to divide. Since 75 million years, when this sparkling archipelago of 115 isles first floated free of the giant landmass of Pangea to occupy its solitary niche in the azure expanse of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles islands have remained a sanctuary. A place where Nature's bounty, trodden underfoot elsewhere, has been conserved and protected in such forms as the planet's tiniest frog, the super-rare jellyfish tree the wondrous coco-de-mer and Aldabra, the world's largest raised coral atoll. The Seychelles islands are also home to some of the most spectacular seabird colonies in the world as well as 13 species and 17 subspecies that occur nowhere else on earth. Classed among the rarest species to be found among the islands are theSeychelles Scops Owl, Magpie Robin, Paradise Flycatcher Seychelles Warbler, Black Parrot, the flightless White-throated Railand the Seychelles White Eye. Inhabited since a mere 250 years, today, the Seychelles islands are still unbelievably untouched, their primeval beauty cascading from lushly forested granite peaks, through ancient hillside glades to the grandeur of a pristine, sapphire ocean. One of the few places left on the planet where to rediscover our ancient past, the freedom to roam free that is our birthright... and ourselves. Finally, there is a place where you can still tread in the footsteps of the ancient mariners as they first beheld, open-mouthed, the breathtaking exquisiteness of these island jewels. A place to experience the same wonder as the first explorers as they wandered among the granite-studded hillsides to find precious timber, a flora and fauna bewildering in its richness and diversity and a sense of tranquillity and calm to rival that of Heaven itself.

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6 Day trip
Indian Ocean » Seychelles
Day Islands Miles
1 Eden Island Marina-Beau Vallon 12
2 Beau Vallon-Baie Ternay 10
3 Baie Ternay-Anse Soleil 10
4 Anse Soleil-Vallee de Mai 48
5 Vallee de Mai-Praslin 10
6 Praslin-Cousin and Aride islands 12
7 Cousin and Aride islands-La Digue 31
  Total 133
DAY 1 Eden Island Marina - Beau Vallon

Eden Island Marina - Beau Vallon

Leave Eden Island Marina and cruise the northern coast towards Beau Vallon hub of Mahe’s tourism industry and home to a wide selection of hotels, restaurants, dive centres, casino and other tourism activities.

DAY 2 Beau Vallon - Baie Ternay

Baie Ternay

Leave Beau Vallon and carry on down the north coast past the secluded coves of Anse Major and Anse Du Riz and find anchorage at Baie Ternay and a second night at anchor. Snorkeling or diving is a must in this marine park, amid sublime beaches and crystal waters where dolphins often come to play in the early evening.

DAY 3 Baie Ternay - Anse Soleil

Anse Soleil

The next day might see you cruise down the Wild West coast of Mahe past spectacular, golden-sanded beach of Grand Anse and the picturesque bay of Anse a La Mouche before arriving at gorgeous Anse Soleil. Dine on board or enjoy one of the finest sea food dinner at the beautiful little beach restaurant.

DAY 4 Anse Soleil - Praslin island

Praslin island

From here you’ll be ideally situated to savour the famous southern bays of Petit Anse, Intendance, Police Bay and Anse Marie Louise before striking out to Praslin island, home to the wondrous Vallee de Mai where grows the legendary Coco-de-Mer.

DAY 5 Praslin island - Vallee de Mai

Praslin island - Vallee de Mai

Praslin is an island of romantic bays and sublime beaches. A visit to the Vallee de Mai is a must the see the coco-de-mer in its natural environment.

DAY 6 Praslin island - Cousin and Aride islands

Praslin island - Cousin and Aride islands

Spend another day on Praslin or visit the nature reserves and bird sanctuary of Cousin and Aride islands.

DAY 7 La Digue

La Digue

Travel to La Digue where time stands still. The chief modes of transport are still the bicycle and ox-cart. Visit the famous Anse Source D’Argent, one of the most beautiful beaches onearth. Spend the afternoon snorkeling the Cocos Marine Park, where it has been compared to and aquarium or swim with the turtles right next door at the island of Felicite.After breakfast and a last swim with all these beautiful sea creatures, cruise slowly back to Mahe after, what would have been the most wonderful experience on board.
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