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Dalmatian Coast cruises and yacht charterNowadays, in Croatia. Over the centuries the region known as Dalmatia was settled by the Illyrians, Romans, Slavs, Austro-Hungarians and Venetians, who all left their mark and contributed to the architectural and cultural heritage of the region. It was christened by the Romans, who arrived after the Greeks at the beginning of the 4th century bc ­ Dalmatia comes from the Illyrian delmat, which means proud brave man.
Dalmatia stretches from the town of Zadar in the north to the Bay of Kotor on the border with Montenegro in the south. Since the disintegration of Yugoslavia and Croatia's new-found independence, the region is now more or less defined as ending at Dubrovnik.

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5 Day trip
Croatia » Dalmatian Coast
Day Islands Miles
1 Dubrovnik–Okuklje Bay 20
2 Okuklje Bay–Islet of Pomestak 12
3 Islet of Pomestak–Korcula Island 14
4 Korcula Island–Polace Bay 14
5 Polace Bay–Sipan Island 21
6 Sipan Island–Dubrovnik 15
  Total 96
DAY 1 Dubrovnik - Okuklje Bay

Okuklje Bay

You arrive in Dubrovnik and are met in the airport by a member of the crew who takes you to your yacht. Enjoy a welcome drink while getting acquainted with the yacht, the captain and the crew. We soon set sail for Okuklje Bay. We pass by the eastern end of Mljet, one of the most scenic islands of the Dalmatian coast. Enjoy the tremendous view from the deck of your yacht, with the sea breeze on your face. We anchor in Okuklje Bay. You can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water from the swim deck of your yacht, enjoying some water sports. The little picturesque village is home to some excellent restaurants. Return to your yacht for a quiet evening with a cool drink.

DAY 2 Okuklje Bay - Islet of Pomestak

Islet of Pomestak

Wake up to the smell of a hot and leisurely breakfast. Today we sail to the Islet of Pomestak. We arrive and anchor off the islet. It is a top destination with breathtaking beauty. Its lakes and trails are popular among bicyclists, hikers and visitors who simply want to relax in the serenity of the woods. If you decide to visit the woods be sure to take some nice photos! If you decide that relaxing on board suits you best, then enjoy the onboard Jacuzzi with a refreshing cocktail that the crew will serve you. For the evening, enjoy a luxurious dinner that the chef will have prepared for you before retiring for the night.

DAY 3 Islet of Pomestak - Korcula Island

Korcula Island

After a nice breakfast with hot coffee and freshly baked croissants we sail for Korcula Island. The town of Korcula was built by the Venetians in the 15th century and so it is like sailing to a miniature version of Venice. It has exquisite architecture and fortified walls. Be sure to take a photo from the battlements! Take a stroll around the town and buy some souvenirs before returning on board. Enjoy a lunch prepared by your beloved chef. For the evening you can relax in the lounge, a nice drink on the deck, under the starlit sky, or even see a movie in the home cinema.

DAY 4 Korcula Island - Polace Bay

Polace Bay

Eat a leisurely breakfast before we sail for Polace Bay. It lies on the northwest coast of Mljet Island and is both beautiful and well protected; a favorite destination. You can enjoy a good swim from your yacht. Have fun with some water sports and drink a refreshing cocktail before or after your swim. You can go ashore visiting the bars, restaurants and shops in the village. Return to your yacht for a gourmet dinner that the chef will have prepared for you. Spend the remainder of your evening relaxing on the deck, with a nice cold drink, enjoying the night sky.

DAY 5 Polace Bay - Sipan Island

Sipan Island

After a rich and full of energy breakfast we sail for Sipan Island. Sailing in Sipan waters unveils the enchanting Elafiti Islands (also spelled Elaphiti), an archipelago of 13 islets and islands that were once said to teem with wild deer. In fact, the name of this sub-group of the Dalmatian Islands derives from the Greek word elafos, meaning deer. The islands are rugged, hilly and forested with beautiful white-sand beaches. Be sure to try them enjoying a swim or even better, enjoy the waters from onboard the swim deck. You can visit one of the two villages of Sipan. Both are scenic and are worth exploring. Return to your yacht for a quiet luxurious dinner and a refreshing drink.

DAY 6 Sipan Island - Dubrovnik

Sipan Island - Dubrovnik

Today, after your breakfast of course, we depart for Dubrovnik. We lay anchor off the harbour. The Old Town of Dubrovnik is a medieval walled city. It is definitely worth exploring and you’ll find a multitude of chic boutiques, intimate cafés, upscale restaurants, and lively nightclubs. Take a lot of photos of the picturesque buildings with the red-tiled roofs. Climb up the wall for a stunning view from the battlements and admire what must once have been an impregnable defensive perimeter. You can choose to stay in the Old Town and explore some more, even have a nice dinner or return to your yacht for a exquisite dinner prepared by your chef.

RETURN DAY Dubrovnik

Today you say goodbye to the captain and the crew and leave your beloved yacht with lots of souvenirs and good memories, already planning your next cruise
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