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It is the most south island of Dodecanese complex, bearing an ancient history and many common features with the island of Crete, which is quite near.
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Phoenicians are considered to be the first inhabitants, while Homer includes Kasos in the list of islands which took part in the Trojan War.Despite its small size, the island had a great naval and commercial presence, also using its fleet to participate in the Revolution of 1821, fact which cost its complete destruction from the Turks in June 1824.

Its later history is identical with one of the rest of Dodecanese islands, until the unification with the mainland in 1948. Many of Kasos’, as well as Karpathos’ inhabitants immigrated to America and Egypt, where they worked for the opening up of the Suez Canal in the middle of 19th century. The island extends over a surface of 66 km2, its coastline is 50 km long and it has 1,000 inhabitants. It can be reached by ferry via Piraeus, Crete (Siteia, Aghios Nikolaos), Rhodes, Halki and Karpathos islands or by airplane from Rhodes and Karpathos.