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The small island of Saria offers unparallel pictures and landscapes that spark the imagination.
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Why Visit
Would you like to visit the Doric Nisyros (one of the four cities in Karpathos) or see how Saracen pirates turned the ancient palaces into small arched houses? Would you pull down the church of Agia Sofia to discover new parts of an ancient temple or pray along with the few residents in the 1960s? No need to answer. Even if you just arrived to Saria or to Alimounta (the lair of fishermen) nearby for swimming, you will still get enough of the rejuvenating energy emitted on the island.

The island of Saria appears to be bound to the north side of Karpathos. In the narrow part formed between the two lands, the minimum distance is only 50m and the length of the channel is about 1.5sea mile. Saria covers an area of only 21km2 (the 13th longest island in the Dodecanese) and is characterized by steep cliffs, stone withdrawal and rocky coasts. All along the coastline there are surface and underwater caves that serve as excellent shelters for the Mediterranean seal. Onshore there are extensive shrubs, phrygana, clusters of Turkish pine forests, as well as individual areas of abandoned olive groves. The highest peak of Saria is Pachy Vouno with an altitude of 631m. The whole island has been characterized as an Important Bird Area of Greece according to Directive 79/409/ΕΕC, it constitutes a home for many rare and endemic plant and animal species and presents a great archaeological value.