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The remote treasure of the Aegean. On the easternmost edge of Greece floats one of the smallest and prettiest islands of the Dodecanese complex, Kastellorizo.
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Why Visit
Called also by its name in the ancient times, i.e. Megisti, the island has a long history starting in the early Neolithic era. Its ancient name lasted until the Middle Ages, when the knights of St John built Castello Rosso on the reddish rock above the port. Obviously, it is to that high castle with the double walls and the battlements the name of the island is owed. The palmy days started for Kastellorizo at the end of the 19th century thanks to fishing and shipping. Recalling those days there are the beautiful mansions along the coast.

The 9 sq km big island became a tourists’ attraction after the Academy Award winner film “Mediterraneo” was shot there some 20 years ago. A beauty in the Aegean Upon arriving, you will be left speechless by the beauty of the harbour and that will be your rewarding for your long journey. Two or three-storied neoclassical mansions, built amphitheatrically, reflect their colourful facades on the sea and in your eyes. The minaret and the red dome of the mosque of 1755 will definitely catch your attention, no less than the picturesque fishing boats will do. Scenic Kastellorizo village is the island’s only populated area. Cobblestone alleys and traditional colourful mansions with wooden and iron balconies beautify your walk through the village’s two quarters, Pigadia and Chorafia. Taste katoumari and strava, the traditional sweets offered in local tavernas.